Network Premiere Day for The 100

Get ready!!

The 100 premieres 9pm ET tonight, March 19 on The CW.

While you wait………..

Curious about what Earth might look like 97 years into the future? The CW’s new series “The 100” has a decidedly dark view of where humanity might be.

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‘Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick Tries to Save Humanity on The 100’


Attractive young people being sent to a post-apocalyptic Earth might be something one would expect from a CW sci-fi drama. What’s more of a surprise, however, is the constant danger of one of them getting a spear through the chest or a knife in the throat.

The 100, which premieres Wednesday (9 ET/PT), owes much more to the short-season storytelling and “anyone can die at any time” mantra of cable shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead than Gossip Girl or 90210. And creator Jason Rothenberg has already made fast friends with the network’s censors. 

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‘The 100 Is Not Usual Fare From  CW’

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