Chimera Reviews!

Below are two fantastic reviews for Chimera, the film by Maurice Haeems and starring Henry Ian Cusick. Chimera will be premiering at film festivals beginning in spring 2018!

We’ve highlighted words on Ian’s performance but be sure to read entire reviews at their links….


“Chimera is Part Sci-Fi, Part Thriller, Part Horror and All Outstanding!”



“However, the real star of this film is Cusick. He has an almost Dr. Frankenstein approach that serves as a callback to the mad scientist as played by Colin Clive in the 1931 horror classic. In both cases we do not have a scientist who is ruled by a thirst for power over others, but instead we have someone who is trying to conquer a scientific absolute in the area of bodily regeneration. Clive’s Frankenstein sought the power of bodily regeneration to beat back death, and Cusick’s Quint seeks to save his children from dying. Cusick is another actor, right alongside Harrison, who knows how to play a very subtle “long game” with his character by giving us someone who we are not entirely sure about. We accept that he believes he’s doing the right thing, that the ends justify the means, but at times I found myself questioning my own judgment while watching and questioning Quint’s behavior, and its those gray areas that are so wonderfully played by Cusick that it leaves the viewer completely unsure as to where Quint, or the rest of the film, is liable to go at any given time.”


“Chimera Disclose Frightening Reality Of Modern Sciences”


“To begin, the performances accomplished near flawlessness. Actor Henry Ian Cusick is a veteran in his profession with a career extending over twenty (20) years. It is no surprise to see Cusick’ refined emotion and expression in Chimera. Cusick portrays the character Quint, a scientist and family man but his devotion to each divides him This part carries a deep structure established on a person burdened with inner anguish. The viewer will become locked into the character’s dimension of questionable good. This is an execution only Cusick can communicate.”

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