TV Line: Fall TV Spoilers 2014 Exclusive – The 100 (with our first look at Kane!)

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THE 100

As Abby and Kane desperately seek out the hundred, Season 2 will morph into the longest, most terrifying family reunion ever — but there’s a catch. “You have to remember that these aren’t the same kids that were sent down in the drop ship,” executive producer Matt Miller tells TVLine. “They’ve all changed and grown and been through so much.” Speaking of which, Lincoln and Octavia’s relationship will blossom from “a googly eyed romance” to a “real relationship.” And even as Octavia “helps to make a bridge” between humans and Grounders, she and Lincoln will come across new, upsetting “culture conflicts.” Meanwhile, as Clarke unravels — or at least attempts to unravel — the secret of Mount Weather, the fates of Bellamy and Finn will be revealed. “The audience will know pretty quickly,” Miller says, “but the characters aren’t in communication, so there are a lot of misunderstandings. It’s basically sci-fi Three’s Company.”

BONUS SPOILER | Executive producer Jason Rothenberg says there “might be a baby in Episode 1.” But don’t get too excited, Linctavia fans, because this wee one “doesn’t come along with a pregnancy.” (Hmm…)

RETURN DATE | Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 9/8c (The CW)    

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